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Market Gardening Research

South West London was once a thriving hub of food production in large-scale market gardens and flower cultivation at the many nurseries and market gardens, which covered the Twickenham, Hampton and Hounslow areas. From mid to late 19th century in the Twickenham area and the end of the 19th century to early 20th century in Hampton the primary economy was in the production of food, much of which was sold in central London and further afield. As the industry declined much of the land was lost to building, erasing much of the physical heritage of the area. For those interested in local history this is a well-known story but there is scant general knowledge on the part of local residents about the history that lies buried under the foundations of their houses or lurking in the solitary apple tree at the bottom of their garden.

Jam Yesterday Jam Tomorrow gathered volunteers to do research on this little known history. The result was the production of a series of research factsheets, which are available below. These factsheets have helped inform the creation of a market garden game, an exhibition and educational resources in schools. To view further information on how to research the history of market gardening click here: Resources.

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Image © Gerald Collins

Fact sheets

Market Gardeners and Places of Interest
© Hounslow Library
© Hounslow Library

File:TW Beach.pdf

File:Francis Dancer.pdf


File:R D Blackmore.pdf

File:A W Smith.pdf

File:Market Gardeners Factsheet Poupart family.pdf

Market Gardening in Hounslow





Immigration and Migration


Heritage Varieties and Methods of Growing




File:Methods of Growing factsheet.pdf

Dig for Victory

File:Dig for Victory.pdf

To find out more about researching market gardening visit our Resources page.